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Rebrawl MOD & classic server 137. New brawlers Byron and Edgar

Latest version update #137 dated 15/10/2021

A new version of the Rebrawl private server has been released today. The download link is already available.

New Brawler – Byron


Attack: The shot can hit an enemy or an ally of Byron. When he hits the enemy, he loses health, and if the attack touches an ally, then his health is restored.

Super Byron – Throw a potion that forms a puddle. In a puddle, opponents lose health, and allies restore health. Potion can be thrown over a wall

New Brawler – Edgar


Edgar Attack: Delivers two hits with a scarf from two sides. Edgar heals himself on hitting the target.

Super: Jump

Edgar jumps over an obstacle and gains a temporary boost. Its Super slowly charges over time

Hidden community maps

As always, two new custom maps are available, which are not in the usual version of the Brawl Stars game.

Download Rebrawl MODS server

Download Rebrawl Classic server

Download Rebrawl legacy

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