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Download ReBrawl. New Brawler – Amber. APK & iOS devices

Latest version update #97 dated 08/01/2021 Today was released new version of private servers, as always it will be updated on Fridays. A new fighter awaits us in this update, Amber. Also, two new custom maps will be available every Friday. New Brawler – Amber Amber is friends with fire …

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Rebrawl MOD & Classic server. New Brawler – Colette

Update: 16/10/2020 Hello everyone, a new version of the Rebrawl server will be available on this page every Friday. Colette The new fighter Colette will attack with a projectile, the damage will depend on the player’s health. Maximum damage 280 at level 10. At the first level, the damage is …

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Rebrawl mods 25.107 private server


The new update adds new maps, game mode, skins, and more. Hot zone Hold the area marked on the ground for 3 seconds to get a point, the team with the most points wins; Enemy Brawler do not allow you to collect the required number of points, leaving the zone …

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