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Download Nulls Brawl 53.176 with Mico, Kit, and Larry

Get ready for thrilling action in Brawl Stars with the release of Season 22, now available for download! Experience an extraordinary update filled with fresh surprises and festive cheer. Update your game on Android and iOS to dive into a world of new confrontations and exciting battles.


What’s New in the Update?

  • Three new brawlers: Mico, Kit, and Larry.
  • Festive and cartoonish skins.
  • A new 5v5 mode with new maps and increased chances of victory.
  • New Brawl Pass Plus for more extensive features and bonuses.
  • Exclusive pins and accessories to highlight your individuality.

Introducing Mico Mico, one of the three new brawlers, is a Brawlwood movie star who expertly masters the art of the jump attack. His unique ability to be impervious to attacks while jumping makes him an unpredictable and formidable opponent. Mico’s Super allows him to select his landing point, adding a strategic element to combat despite his vulnerability at that moment.

Legendary Kit – A New Stellar Brawler Kit, the new legendary brawler, overwhelms enemies with his scratching attacks and precise jumps. His Super is not just a way to deal damage to an enemy brawler but also a unique chance to heal himself and an ally if Kit lands on them. Use clever tactics with Kit to become invincible in battle.

Enhanced 5v5 Mode Gameplay The new mode will challenge you in even larger-scale battles, with increased map sizes promising more dynamics and strategy. Brawlball, showdown, and crystal grab in a 5v5 format will add a new dimension to familiar modes, demanding more teamwork and tactical thinking from players.


Download Brawl Stars and Nulls Brawl 53.176 featuring Mico, Kit, and Larry, and step into a new season of excitement and competition.

Update: 20/12/2023

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