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NULLS BRAWL 56.274: with Barry and Clancy

Hey Brawlers! The newest update for Brawl Stars, version 56.250, is finally here, bringing a ton of exciting new features, including two brand-new brawlers: Barry and Clancy. Let’s dive into the details of these fresh faces and what else you can expect from this action-packed update.

New Brawlers

Barry: Barry is a tough and lovable character who works at a candy shop in a unicorn costume. His primary attack involves throwing melted ice cream, which damages enemies over time and heals teammates. During his super, Barry dashes forward in a whirlwind of ice cream, damaging foes and healing allies in the process. His unique trait allows him to charge his super by healing teammates, making him a valuable support brawler.

Clancy: Clancy is a Mythic damage dealer who upgrades throughout the match by hitting enemies with his dual paintball guns. Starting with a single shot and a basic super, Clancy’s abilities evolve as he levels up, adding more shots, increased attack range, and faster movement. His ultimate form shoots paintballs in a zigzag pattern, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

Update Highlights

  1. Mega Boxes return for a classic Brawl event.
  2. Two animal brawlers return to Olympus and the deep sea.
  3. Three new game modes introduced.
  4. Star tokens reintroduced for Mega Box rewards.
  5. Classic-inspired skins and remodeled classic skins.
  6. New hypercharge skins like Sovereign Rico.
  7. Mirror match and drum roll game modes.
  8. Social features improved for easier team-ups.
  9. Double XP for playing in a team.
  10. Seven new hyperchargers for various brawlers.

Get ready to jump into the action with Brawl Stars 56.250! Download now and experience the thrill of battling with Barry, Clancy, and a host of new features. Assemble your team, collect Mega Boxes, and dominate the arena like never before. Happy brawling!


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