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Download the NULLS BRAWL 51.248 with New Brawlers: Chuck and Pearl

Brawl Stars, the popular mobile game from Supercell, has recently released an exciting update titled “Return to the Ranch.” With this update comes two new brawlers, Chuck and Pearl, who promise to add a fresh dynamic to the game. Let’s take a closer look at these new characters and some other exciting features introduced in this latest version.


Meet Pearl – The Chromatic Brawler: Pearl is a chromatic brawler introduced in the new season. She is the third member of the trio alongside Sam and Belle. Pearl is a robot chef who bakes cookies, and her creators adore her as if she were their own daughter. Her primary attack consists of firing batches of cookies at medium range. While not all cookies may hit the target when you are far away, there’s a good chance at least one will.

Pearl’s Super attack is a game-changer as it explodes and pushes away anything nearby. It’s also effective at destroying walls. Pearl has a unique feature – a heat gauge. The hotter her oven gets, the more damage her attacks deal. The heat gauge charges when Pearl isn’t attacking and, when full, maximizes her attack and Super damage. The heat gauge depletes after her regular attacks or Super.


Introducing Chuck – The Conductor: Before entering the Starr Park, Chuck was a conductor, and now he conducts the movement of trains! His music is inspired by shadows in the dark and the eerie sounds of the Ghost Station where he guides the trains. Occasionally, he plays for Gas if they happen to meet.

Chuck’s main attack releases a steam cloud from his hat that can hit the target thrice. But it’s his Super that sets him apart. Chuck throws down markers and quickly teleports between them. You can have a limited number of markers on the map simultaneously. You cannot teleport to a marker behind a wall, so strategic placement is essential.

Hypercharge Your Brawlers

Hypercharge Your Brawlers: A new addition in this update is the Hypercharge feature, available from level 11. This feature doesn’t add a new power level but allows you to unlock the Equipment slot that used to be accessible at level 11. The order goes like this: gadget, equipment, star power, another equipment, and finally, Hypercharge.

So, what is Hypercharge? It supercharges your Super and makes your brawler stronger, but it lasts for a brief duration. To charge it, fill the bar around the Hypercharge button during battles. Anything that typically charges your Super will also charge Hypercharge, but at a slower rate. Once the bar is full, press the Hypercharge button to activate it. Your brawler will be surrounded by flames, and the Super icon will change.

To celebrate the introduction of Hypercharge, a special bundle with cool cosmetics will be available for purchase using gems or coins. However, if you’re only interested in the Hypercharge itself, you can wait two weeks and buy it directly from your brawler’s screen.

Initially, Hypercharge will be available for Shelly, Colt, Bull, Spike, Jackie, and Pearl.

Download Brawl Stars with New Brawlers: Chuck and Pearl

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