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The Brawl Stars Stage server has been updated to version 44.221

Brawl Stars 44.221 Great news, the Brawl Busters server has been updated, which means that this Sunday we will most likely see Brawl Talk. Most likely, a new fighter, new game modes and skins will be introduced. Stay tuned on our website and you will be the first to download …

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Download Brawl Stars 38.159 with the new Brawler Meg

Updated 10.10.21 Today we were shown another update to Brawl Stars, added new skins, maps and a new fighter Meg. Meg Her health stock is also small. But this is nonsense – after all, as soon as she charge the Super, a miracle happens. she summons her repair robot, and …

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Download Brawl Stars 38.101 latest version

The post will be updated with the release of new news. A few minutes ago, the Stage server was updated to version 38.101. This means that Brawl Talk is waiting for us this Saturday! In the updated version, a new fighter, new skins and maps will be available. On our …

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Download Null’s Brawl with new brawler – Ash

Updated 17.09.2021 Today we were shown a big update to Brawl Stars. The new Season 8 will delight players with new Chromatic Brawler Ash, new skins and new maps. Ash – The trash knight Ash is a very grumpy cleaner at the castle courtyard. The main attack is a destructive …

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Download Null’s Brawl. New Brawlers – Buzz and Griff

Updated 06.30.2021 – Null’s Brawl 36.257 Season 7 is available for download! Brawl Stars 36.270 is available for download. The post will be updated with new news. The latest news for the Brawl Stars game. Hello everyone. Today we were shown in Brawl Talk, which was watched by over 800,000 …

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Download Nulls Brawl with Amber

Updated 10/30/2020. Today, 10/17/2020, we were shown an update for the Brawl Stars game. A new fighter Amber awaits us. Amber New brawler: attack – throws fire, ulta – spills oil, which ignites and burns the bushes if set on fire. New skins The update has very beautiful new skins. …

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