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Download Nulls Barwl 48.326 with new brawlers R-T and Willow

Updated 07.04.2023 to version 48.326

Brawl Stars is updating with a new season called “The Mystery at the Hub!” This update introduces a new chromatic fighter, R-T, the surveillance system robot who helps you understand what’s happening in Starr Park. R-T sees and “hears” everything that’s happening in the park, and has access to all of its hidden cameras. He has a dossier on every fighter, and if you want to know their secrets, R-T is the one to ask!

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New brawler R-T

R-T’s main attack puts a mark on a target when it hits them. The marked enemy will receive more damage from any subsequent attack. The mark disappears as soon as damage is dealt, but you can mark multiple targets at the same time. Aim for fighters in other parts of the map to help your teammates.

R-T’s super splits him in half: his legs stay where the Super was used, and you only control the upper part. At the same time, R-T’s attack range changes to a circular area around him, and when the upper body attacks, the lower one does the same. So you control two areas at once! Both parts of R-T mark the target. When you use the Super again, R-T becomes whole again and regains health.

New brawler Willow

In addition, this update introduces a new mythic fighter, Willow, a member of the new trio who guards the Love Tunnel in the swamp near Mortis’ Morgue. Willow manipulates people with what they love, and throws a lantern at enemies that acts similarly to Barley’s attack. The difference is that the target gradually takes poison damage.

Willow’s Super throws head-shaped gadgets that attach to enemies and give you control over them for a while. You can use your regular attack, but the Super and gadgets will be unavailable.

Download Nulls Brawl 48.326

With the release of the new version, the link to the file will be updated.

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