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Download Null’s Brawl. New Brawlers – Buzz and Griff

Updated 06.30.2021 – Null’s Brawl 36.257 Season 7 is available for download! Brawl Stars 36.270 is available for download.

The post will be updated with new news.

The latest news for the Brawl Stars game.

Hello everyone. Today we were shown in Brawl Talk, which was watched by over 800,000 fans of the game Brawl Stars.

New Brawler Buzz

Buzz is a lifeguard from the beach as well as this season’s chromatic fighter.

Buzz has an average amount of health, a fairly high damage. His attack is punches. His Super – Buzz throws a float at a wall or an enemy and pulls himself towards the float.

New Brawler Griff


Griff throws 9 coins, which fly in different directions depending on the throw distance.

Super – Griff attacks with banknotes, he throws them with a sharp edge
and they do damage, including on the way back. The further the enemy is, the more damage. Banknotes on the way back go through the walls.

Download Null’s Brawl with New Brawlers

Download the original version of Brawl Stars

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