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Rebrawl MOD & Classic server. New Brawler – Colette

Update: 16/10/2020

Rebrawl 86

Hello everyone, a new version of the Rebrawl server will be available on this page every Friday.


The new fighter Colette will attack with a projectile, the damage will depend on the player’s health. Maximum damage 280 at level 10. At the first level, the damage is 200.


New Maps

As always, with each update, we are waiting for two new exclusive maps. These maps are not available in the original version of Brawl Stars.

Rebrawl maps
With each new update, the maps change

New secret skins

New skins are added with each update

All skins available in the original game will be in reBrawl. There are also new secret skins available.

Download Rebrawl MOD №86 with new Brawler – Colette

Download Rebrawl MODS server

Download Rebrawl classic server

Download Rebrawl Legacy

For older Android devices

Download Rebrawl for iOS

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  1. Cabuk cevap yazin istiyom colette oynamak ben ozmn gecorecek sen collete okey

  2. Bir sorum var, Rebrawl’a yardım edebileceğimi düşünüyor musunuz ??? Demek istediğim, bazı maskeler yaratmak, sence yapabilir misin?