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Download ReBrawl. New Brawler – Amber. APK & iOS devices

Latest version update #97 dated 08/01/2021

Today was released new version of private servers, as always it will be updated on Fridays.

A new fighter awaits us in this update, Amber. Also, two new custom maps will be available every Friday.

New Brawler – Amber

Amber is friends with fire and defeats any opponents who attack her!

  • Main Attack – Amber fires a continuous stream of fire that can lit up any fire fluid on the ground
  • Super – Amber throws a flask of her fire fluid which leaks while flying and generates a big pool of fluid at the landing location
  • Gadget – Amber gains increased movement speed and starts leaking fire fluid underneath her
  • Star Power – Allows having two fire fluid pools on the ground simultaneously and recharges Super while standing in fire fluid

Secret skins

New skins are added to reBrawl every Friday by private server users.

New Community Maps

New rebrawl community maps are available in every update.
As always, these are exclusive maps that can’t be found in the original version of Brawl Stars.

Community Maps

Download reBrawl Mods №97

reBrawl Mods – the most fun private server.
It is completely modified with many new characters, such as super Super Saiyan Brawlers and Robots!
Balance has been changed, most of the characters have been redesigned, new maps, new skins, and much more have been added.

Download reBrawl Classic

reBrawl Classic looks like the original Brawl Stars, but with minor changes:

  • Unlimited resources and boxes are available in reBrawl Classic, as well as all fighters and skins.
  • New custom maps will be available to you.
  • And most importantly, for Apple devices, this is the only private server available.

Download reBrawl Legacy

ReBrawl Legacy is a special edition for legacy devices.
This is a mixture of reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods, people who own old Androd devices can play this version of the private server.

Download reBrawl for iOS

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