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Download Nulls Brawl 43.238. New Brawlers – Janet and Bonnie

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updated 01/05/2022

Hello to all Brawl Stars fans. Today we saw a great Brawl Talk where 400,000 people watched.

New Brawler Janet

Janet is joining Stu’s trio, and she’s the new Chromatic Brawler in the Brawl Pass. She’s not only an acrobatic performer and a singer, but also the star of the show. With her main attack, she sings
a loud note towards the opponents, that causes damage in a cone. The more you hold the aim button, the narrower and longer the cone gets. And to perform her stunts beside Stu, her Super activates her jetpack that enables her to fly over everything for a few seconds. While in the air, she also attacks enemies on the ground.

New Brawler Bonnie

Bonnie is Janet’s little sister, and also part of Stu’s trio. All of them perform in Starr Park’s Stunt Show. She’s a reckless and overly excited girl, who is famous in the park for her most daring trick: being shot from a cannon. Which leads me to her abilities. She has two different forms that can be activated by pressing the Super-Kind of like Meg, but the difference is that she can only go to her default form if she uses her Super again.

Download Null’s Brawl with New Brawlers

The link to the private server is being prepared for publication

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