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Download Nulls Clash of Clans 13.180.8

Update: 04.13.2020


Today the Clash of Clans update was released to version 13.180.3
Super-troops will also appear, these are modified ordinary warriors.

Update 03.31.2020.

Super Barbarian

Sneaky Goblin

Super Wall Breaker

Super Giant

Download APK Nulls Clash of Clans 13.180.8

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  1. Why i download but still the old version??

  2. Gonzalo Coaquira

    Una pregunta este es solo un servidor privado porque no entra al juego original en si ni a la comunidad real ūüôĀ

  3. When I launch the game it says update is available but the NC download is stuck at 0.00kb and it says file doesn’t exist. I have tried on multiple devices still won’t download.

  4. I want this app

  5. Oyuna giriyom atiyo

  6. After downloading, I again had to re install it because of its update. Whole night I played but next morning when I tried to open the apk, it’s not opening. Please work with my problem and give me some solution. I am eager to know how to fix it.

  7. Thanks dude forbthe game if you have a instagram acount ini will follow you

  8. I have a suggestion… please fix the infinite troops glitch and have it be able to be connected to the public server, cuz it’s no fun fighting people that r all maxed out… please and thank you. ?

  9. Can you please make a version that goes to the public server and plea fix the glitch where you never run out of troops tnx

  10. Ok well I hope this works

  11. How to download the nulls clash

  12. I downloaded through google drive where do I go next

  13. Como puedo subir de ayuntamiento nivel 14

  14. Alegjobb priv√°tserver

  15. Please update to the new version. Get the Witcher and Inferno dragon

  16. Document no longer available

  17. Mir Ismam Ahmed

    This game always shows that login failed even with full network.It’s a headache. Please fix this.To play this game much time is wasted