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Download Null’s Brawl 26.170. New brawlers Jacky and Sprout

Update 03.24.2020. The APK file has been updated. 100% working.

Hello to the Brawl Stars players!
Null’s Brawl 26.170 beta ver. APK Version Released 2.

New brawlers

Today an announcement of new updates came out, Skins, New Brawlers and GADGETS are waiting for us!



Jacky is skilled with a jackhammer, it makes everything shake and collapse. Super this fighter the attraction of nearby enemies and they lose energy swallowing dust


Will appear in the April update


Attack: the sprout throws a ball full of seeds that bounces around the field and then explodes. If the ball hits an enemy, it explodes on contact.
Super: sprout puts a small green wall that protects allies from enemies. These are just bushes, but very effective!

Download Null’s Brawl 26.170 ver. 2

Download the original version

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