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Download Null’s Royale 3.3074.6 – latest version

Null's Royale 3.3074.6

Great news! We have updated Null’s Royale to the latest version, 3.3074.6!

This new update includes lots of new emotes, banners, skins, balance changes, and a new competitive mode called the Path to Legends. If you had more than 7500 trophies before this update, you’ll receive some bonus points on your path to become a legend.

However, we regret to inform you that we had to remove Null’s Legacy, as it was difficult to maintain those ancient maps.

Download Null’s Royale

Game description

Clash Royale is a popular Android game developed by Supercell, which gained popularity after the release of its superhit game Clash of Clans. While in CoC the player had to develop their own army and gather resources, here everything is different: the player must assemble a team of warriors to eventually go into battle against opponents on specially designated arenas, the number of which grows with each app update.

Players can upgrade their own subordinates in various ways, improving their characteristics and abilities. For successful combat in the game, the player needs to develop their own strategy. It’s not worth throwing all resources into battle at once, otherwise everything can be lost in a single moment. All battles take place online with players from all over the world.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that Clash Royale has fairly decent graphics and sound, as well as well-thought-out gameplay, which in combination is sure to appeal to fans of interesting strategies.

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