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Download Nulls Brawl 42.356 with new brawler – Eve

Updated 04/11/2022

This Brawl Stars update has added a lot of skins, maps and of course a new brawler Eve. Everything we love so much will be in the new Season 11 Brawl Pass – Biodome.


Eve is the newest Brawler of the season.

She’s a very small alien flea in a spaceship, who is joining Ruffs’ trio. She’s a loving mother that just wants to find a place for her babies, even if that means disintegrating anyone in her way.

With her main attack, she shoots three eggs in a row. They all have different sizes and damage. And with her super, she releases a big egg that hatches after a few seconds and spawns three hatchlings. If the hatchlings are not destroyed before latching onto the closest enemy, they will deal damage over time. Eve has a very unique trait, too. Since she’s flying in her spaceship all the time, she can hover over certain terrains, like water and holes. She’s also getting a skin, called Spiky Eve, at the last tier of the Biodome Brawl Pass.

What’s new?

  • New brawler: Eve;
  • New game mode Payload
  • Added new maps
  • Updated skins

Download Latest Brawl Stars 42.356 With New Brawlers

latest version of The latest version of the Brawl Stars and Null’s Brawl private server with a new brawler Eva is already available for download from the links below

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