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Download Nulls Brawl 26.184 new update. Friends ID system!

The Nulls Brawl private server was updated today. A friend system was added, just like in the regular original Brawl stars game.

Friends ID

Now you can invite friends via the profile tag or clan, but the ability to send an invitation using a link is not implemented, so this is not yet possible.

The maximum you can add 50 friends, maybe the limit will be increased, but so far this is the maximum.

When a player is online, you can invite them to your team. Take advantage of this opportunity and gather the strongest team and lead the top strongest players of the Nulls Brawl private server.

What’s new

Removed the command ” /full”, many players were confused and did not understand where to enter it. You need to use a mailbox from the store. There are 2 magic boxes in the store. The first box unlocks the fighters, and the second box will pump them up.

magic boxes

New player selection

All players will be divided into categories. There will be 4 groups in total:

  • from 0 to 350;
  • from 350 to 1000;
  • from 1000 to 3000;
  • 3000+.
players categories

A fighter who has 1100 or more cups will get fighters from 1000 to 3000 cups. Thanks to this grouping, the game will become much more interesting, because the players will be of the same level.

Automatic update

Automatic update

The update will load automatically because it was performed on the server side. After starting the game Nulls Brawl, you will get the latest version of the private server. The download link is available below.

Download Null’s Brawl 26.184

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