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Download Null’s Brawl 31.81. New Brawler – Lou

Update 28.11.2020

Latest update of Brawl Stars.

Hi, everybody. Today we watched Brawl Talk, we were shown a new fighter, new skins, new weapons and other innovations in the next season.

New Brawler Lou

The update added a new Brawler Lou.

New fighter Lou, attacks with three snowballs, and Ulta slows down and freezes enemies.

New  Brawler Lou

Download Null’s Brawl with Lou

On this page, it will soon be possible to download the original version of Brawl Stars and the private server Null’s Brawl.

Link to download the original version of Brawl Stars with Lou is already available

The download link for Null’s Brawl with Lou is already available. Download the latest version of the private server.

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  1. Cant waitttt 😀

  2. Please try to make this one faster than the others?

  3. November 14-15 release update

  4. 11.16.2020

  5. Arghhh cant wait !! (´✪ω✪`)♡

  6. I love your hard work null!

  7. XTREME Brawl Gaming_YT

    please dont be late this time
    btw thanks , you people are amazing

  8. cant wait

  9. Pls Brawl Stars skin hack pls

  10. Quando vai lançar?

  11. Thanks null’s team it’s too often good but do you can make the showdown events like angry robot in your game like brawl stars and the events like robo rumble please

  12. My sister got gale


  13. Bro i need this for my fans

  14. I record material on YT with the help of your private servers and I really admire your work because it is one of the best. Regards and of course expecting a new version

  15. You are so awersomes null’s

  16. Everyone Chill the official release date for Nulls brawl with lou 31.81 is coming this friday, November 20th. They always release it on Fridays sometimes Saturday but It will be a bit late but we need to appriciate there hard work and keep on brawling with there latest mod 30.242 with Amber

  17. tristemente creo que tendremos que esperarnos otra ves 2 semanas 🙁

  18. When will the download for Null’s Brawl come? Hopefully he’ll come this week.

  19. XTREME Brawl Gaming_YT

    Pls prepare the link fast , every player wants the link

  20. Nulls brawl new uptade 23 November.

  21. Is it coming tomorrow?

  22. We want the update

  23. yay ia mañana ya mandan el link 🙂

  24. Vaiii logoooo nula se falo que ia lança hoje lança logo ja tamo cobrando

  25. A atualização só vai chegar nos dias 24 ou 25 de novembro? Foi adiada?

  26. its gonna be today, i think

  27. XTREME Brawl Gaming_YT

    Its coming today
    i got the news from discord

  28. Cuando banda poner el servidor con Edgar porfavor 🙂

  29. When Nulls Brawl with Edgar and Lou?

  30. Where is byron and edgar update