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Download Null’s Brawl 28.171. New brawler – Surge

Updated 07.02.2020

Update for the legendary Brawl Stars game.

In the updated version of the game, a new chromatic fighter will appear, under the name Surge.


New Chromatic Bravler – Surge! Main attack: fires a projectile that works like a mixture of Spike’s attacks and Super Gene: amplifies up to 3 times. Loss of gain after defeat.

New skins

New beautiful skins.

Download Nulls Brawl 28.171

The private nulls brawl 28.171 server is already available for download.

Added a new command- “/addscore”, which adds 1000 trophies to each fighter.

This is the old version of the game, download the latest version of the private server from the link below.

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  1. when will this be ready

  2. Szerintem jó lesz a játék

  3. How to download

  4. When can I download

  5. This is so cool

    • You’ll push a notification to the current server for an update? Correct? And I know yi already replied, but can you share how soon and where can I donate to yall?

  6. When is the update

  7. When will the private server come

    • Will nulls brawl update come out after the real brawl stars update or before, and if it comes out before, roughly how long, 2,3 or 4 days. (Please don’t reply soon!)

      Thank you!

  8. Faster pls when will thia be ready

  9. When will this be published?

  10. When will this mod be released ????? Me null’s

  11. When can we expect the game to be available? THANKS

  12. Yuklenmiyo surge li nusll braw

    • EnzoNull'sBrawl

      Tem gente que está fazendo vídeo de Gameplayer com o Surge e dizendo que é do servidor do Null’s Brawl!

  13. Goooood

  14. Gerçekten çok güzel bir oyun aynı brawl stars gibi

  15. O kaiju é um novo personagem ou é o lagarto do novo modo ?

  16. When this summer monsters update will come into brawl stars You guys just posted a post about that update in null brawl but it’s on development so there just no link for latest version so when it will come before real update on brawl stars ?

  17. please bring the update now

  18. Yunus Emre Uludag

    Dont bann me

  19. when will it be ready?

  20. Cuanto falta?

  21. Can you give an exact date which this would be done on, or at least before which date?

  22. When this come

  23. leon Brawl Stars

    jespere que ca arrive bientot

  24. Onde está o update???

  25. It will be available today!?!?

  26. When is it coming please i am really hyped

  27. It’ll be like when be official version, or earlier/later? Or, this is SECRET INFORMATION?

  28. Is kaiju a new brawler. And btw when will you release the new update? thanks.

  29. How many time

  30. Pls make it fast

  31. Hadi ne zaman gelecek nulls brawl canavarlar

  32. Kiedy to będzie??!!! niedługo sam wyda aktualizację!

  33. Where is the link i want to play with surge

  34. What’s the date of release

  35. Give private server

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  37. Soon mean when

  38. Does this work on bluestacks? please can u make it work on pc/bluestacks emulator

  39. Will it be ready before the actual update or after

  40. It’s taking long can you tell us when please

  41. Bende içerik indiriyor da kaldi güncellemeyi yukluyorlarlar galiba

  42. A att vai chegar e o nulls não vai atualizar

  43. This is a lie.
    We are waiting 4 days for this new version and nothing.
    The update comes out tomorrow and this “update” hasn’t even shown up, besides the fact that the developer only knows how to say “Soon it will come out”.

  44. LINK?????

  45. Where is the link?

  46. No its not the update is so bad. No custom Ammo and surge and kaiju are not in it BRUH

  47. Juat add the new link here its troublesome and its broken.

  48. Ne zaman yayınlancak bugün lütfen merak ettim surge yi.

  49. Stack at downloading content then restarts ?

  50. Stuck at downloading content

  51. Please give link

  52. Îți good

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  54. There’s no sourge, there’s only skins…

  55. Too beautiful

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  57. Hello admin do you know when you will release kaiju? thanks! <3

  58. Jonathan Jephry

    When will the new *actual* nulls brawl update will be ready, I mean with the pins, new brawlers, gadgets and so on.

    Thank you!

  59. I downloaded the games but the game failed to download

  60. The only one issue is it crash(close the game) after certain minutes 45 minutes approximately It said Nulls Brawls Stop .Only on option okkk!!!!!!

  61. Hey! There is a bug where tier I start on in the Brawl Pass when I log in is before Tier 0, and because of that, I cannot buy any Tiers. Will we see a fix anytime as oon? 🙂

  62. It says that it does not support x86 devices, does anyone one know how to fix this?

  63. Vreau sa il instalez

  64. Lukas Petschar


  65. My null’s brawl not opening

  66. There isn’t kaiju???

  67. Könnte ich mal rein

  68. Add to iOS pls

  69. Olá,bom o Brawl Talk saiu hoje e eu jogo nulls brawl,e queria saber se tem como atualizar o nulls por aqui?Se sim poderia me explicar como atualizo sem perder os trofeus?