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Download Nulls Brawl with Amber

Updated 10/30/2020.

Today, 10/17/2020, we were shown an update for the Brawl Stars game. A new fighter Amber awaits us.


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New brawler: attack – throws fire, ulta – spills oil, which ignites and burns the bushes if set on fire.

New skins

The update has very beautiful new skins.

Map editor

The map editor will be implemented directly in the game (beta version).

Map editor


The download link for Null’s Brawl is now available!

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  1. When will we be able to download emulators.

  2. I cant wait for update

  3. wow is working

  4. Quero muito esse nulls, testar as novas Skins e a Nova Brawler

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  10. XTREME Brawl Gaming_YT

    pls try to bring the update this week , pls dont be late like when collete came,

  11. here waiting for update of nulls)):
    Will progress be saved? I wouldn’t want to lose my colt with 2.3k cups

  12. XTREME Brawl Gaming_YT

    when the update will arrive?

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  19. When will the link for Null’s Brawl with Amber come?

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  24. Ahh 🙁 HURRY UP!!

  25. My sister got gale

    Release the update please ?

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  31. So in about the next 1-2 days the new null’s brawl is to be released. Or?

  32. Pues dice que lo van a sacar el miércoles

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  41. My sister got gale

    Hurry up ? plz

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  44. Ya la colocaron vayan al juego y le aparecerá actualizar gracias

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