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Download Brawl Stars 25.96, new Brawler Mr. P.

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Null’s Brawl 25.107

Update 27.01.2020

A new version has been released. You can download the link in the post.

This is not a mod, but a real new fighter, Mr. P., who will please us with his abilities and unusual skills. It will be quite difficult to knock it out of the boxes, and it will be available for 350 crystals. The owner of such a number of crystals can safely spend them on Mr. P. And a character like BEA can be opened from free boxes.

Mr. P.
Brawl Stars 25.96 with Mr. P.

Lunar new year

  • Virus 8-Bit – 300 Gems
  • Heroine Bibi – 150 Gems
  • Street Ninja Tara – 80 Gems


  • Main Attack – Your Suitcase Sir! – Fires a projectile that can jump over walls and enemies dealing area damage behind them after landing
  • Super Ability – P-Porters Attack! – Places a spawning station that spawns mini-penguins with a ranged attack. Only one mini penguin can be active at a time
  • Star Power – Handle With Care – Mr. P’s overstuffed suitcases bounce and burst even if they don’t hit a target or obstacle
  • Star Power – Tin Can – The robo-porters’ home base has +3000 more health


You can update Brawl Stars to version 25.96 with Mr. P. via Google Play or download it from the link below in any way that is convenient for you.

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