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Brawl Stars 24.150 latest update of the private Null’s Brawl server with Bea and Max

Update as of December 27, 2019

Null’s Brawl
Null’s Brawl 24.150

Max and Bea
New Brawl Stars server update
Finally, the final update of the Bravo Stars 24.150 private server was released. In the latest version, new fighters Max and Bea, many new pirate skins and other chips are waiting for us.

Everyone was waiting for this update, the developers did not release an intermediate version, because there were not many updates and decided not to spend their resources on this. As a result, we got the version of Null’s Brawl 24.150, which contains a large number of updates

New Fighters: Max and Bea

Run the game and get new fighters with the help of large free boxes that are available in unlimited quantities, but if they run out, the server needs to be rebooted.

Upgrade the new fighters to the maximum level, for this use the “/ full” command, it must be entered in the chat. Well then start the battles on the Null’s Brawl server.

Null’s Brawl 24.150 – New Skins

New Skins
New Skins

Try new skins for free without spending a single crystal. New skins added for all fighters.

List of changes on Null’s Brawl 24.150:

  • List of changes on Null’s Brawl 24.150:
  • Added 2 new fighters – Max and Bea;
  • A new game environment has been added: Darryl’s ship;
  • Added a new game mode: Gift Theft;
  • Added a new chat;
  • Added a lot of new maps;
  • Added a new skin for Rico – Ricochet;
  • Changed interface
  • Various improvements; Added 8 new skins (pirate and Brown $ Friends);

Download Null’s Brawl 24.150

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