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Download Brawl Stars with new brawlers – Belle and Squeak

Updated: 14.04.2021. Brawl Stars 35.134 is available for download.

A big update in the Brawl Stars game. Many new skins. Two new brawlers, one of them chromatic and a new game mode. Everything we love is coming in Season 6 of Brawl Pass.


Belle is the Chromatic Fighter in Season 6 of Brawl Pass. She’s a thug who robs banks. Belle is a marksman, and when using the main attack, the projectile from her gun will bounce from target to target until it splits.


Squeak is a new brawler and will be available in an update. An alien creature that evolved from the drool accumulated on dog toys. He throws exploding toys that stick to walls and fighters thanks to the dog’s saliva.

What’s new?

  • New Brawlers: Belle and Squeak;
  • New Knockout Mode;
  • The mechanics of replays have been updated;
  • Added many new skins for other brawlers.

Download Latest Brawl Stars With New Brawlers

The latest version of Brawl Stars and Null’s Brawl’s private server with new brawlers Belle and Squeak will be available soon, but in the meantime, download the latest available version.

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  1. Please make it fast and without bugs

  2. Which day is it coming?

  3. Kann ich bitte die Version haben mit belle und squek

  4. When will u admins release

  5. É amanhã?

  6. A atualização do alpha?

  7. Is it on the 6th?

  8. Please, make a private Server with Belle an Squek. I want it.

  9. Ich will das spiel

  10. Plz belle and skuac

  11. When will the update release

  12. When do we update us to the new version?

  13. when the null version will come out with all the brawlers and there’s also a bug in leon that he isn’t invisible even from a distance I hope they do it

  14. I love you nulls brawl

    Hello when is the new nulls brawl squeak and belle??? Also why nulls brawl alpha?? Why Alpha?

  15. quero munto estalar a nova verção do null brawl tomare que chega rapido a nova verção ne

  16. When will null brawl belle private server come? admin pls tell me the date

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  18. Pueden ponerlo en su nulls brawl porfavor estoy ansioso

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    Admin when is the new nulls brawl Alpha update plz reply

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