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Download Clash – Null’s Servers v.13.0.13 – update with 13 town halls and a new hero

UPDATE 15/12/2019

Download Clash of Clans v.13.0.13- update with 13 town halls and a new hero

Unexpected update to Clash of Clans, no December 13 or 15. Receive and sign the 13th version of the game on December 9th with Town Hall 13.

Clash of Clans v.13.0.1

This post will be dedicated to the new game client under version 13.0.13. It is from him that I will begin the search for all the innovations in the source files of the game. As far as we already know, they will add a new hero, town hall, unit and much more. Earlier, I already talked about all the new products on the site, I also tried to collect everything in one post – here. I will supplement it over time, as the update is very large.

During a technical break, you can watch the new boot screen. I managed to get it out of the installation file, which I will share with you.

New items:

Upgrade the town hall to level 13 and bring down the might of the great hellish tower on your enemies!
A new hero joins your army – the royal champion, and with it her loyal spear and the ability of the Shield-seeker!
A new Yeti warrior will help you in the battle, and the defense will be strengthened by a new defensive structure – the thrower.

Classic features:

Join an existing clan or create your own and invite friends to it.
Fight your team in clan wars against players from around the world.
Test your skills in the Clan Wars leagues and prove to the rest that you are the best.
Act together with the clan members and win valuable magic items in clan games.
Defend your village with cannons, bombs, traps, mortars and walls.
Fight against the goblin king in single player mode.
Develop unique combat strategies by creating countless combinations of spells, warriors and heroes.
Take part in friendly trials, friendly wars and special events.
Train and upgrade unique warriors.
Set sail for the builder’s village to discover new buildings and meet new mysterious characters.


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